Raw Food Classes/Demos

Raw Food Classes and Events

Raw Food Classes/Demos/Workshops in Ennis, Limerick & Galway.

This is a series of classes/workshops/talks/courses that are delivered by a qualified Living Food (Raw Food) Instructor which will delve into all aspects of creating and eating various delicious dishes based on raw living foods and it’s benefits, including better health and weight loss. Each class will be in small groups so as to maximise the benefit to the participants and will focus on different aspects of a raw food diet. There will be plenty of raw foods and drinks to taste during the course of each class, so come hungry… you won’t be disappointed!

All our events are designed to make eating raw foods enjoyable and easier to incorporate into a person’s daily life. They cover helpful hints, tips and advice on how to eat healthier, how to shop healthier, how to make and prepare delicious healthy raw foods easily and quickly. The events incorporate a mix of educational advice on food and nutrition and the practical side of making raw food dishes.

If you got a suitable premises available for food Workshops/Demos/Talks then we can travel to you. Suitable for Health Groups/Companies/Schools/ Sports Clubs/Clubs/Leisure Centers/Gyms, etc…

All our events can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants. So if it’s such topics like Clean Eating, Wheatgrass, using nuts/Legumes/Seeds & Grains in your Diet, Sea Vegetables, Fermented Foods, Juice Therapy, Education on Food & Nutrition, Sprouting, Healthy Smoothies for Children, Weight Loss, Enzyme Nutrition, Superfoods, Supergreens and or Alkalizing Diet, we can tailor the event to suit your needs.

Michael is also available for for 1-2-1 nutritional consultations. You can contact the clinic on 085-2157479

What Do We Mean By Raw Foods?

We all eat raw foods in fruits and salads, but the aims of theses class are to push those bounderies even further by incorporating even more healthy raw living foods into your diet. Living Foods are foods which are uncooked and eaten while they are as near to their wholesome state as possible. This kind of nutritional focus is optimum for healing and many phenomenal health results are being achieved through dietary change and live enzyme nutrition. The classes will focus on such topics like Wheatgrass, Using Nuts, Legumes, Seeds & Grains in your Diet, Sea Vegetables, Fermented Foods, Juice Therapy, Sprouting, Healthy Smoothies for Children, Enzyme Nutrition, Superfoods, Supergreens and much more.

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living-food-workshopIn each class we will make and taste recipes ranging from raw soups to tasty desserts, make our own nut milks and learn the secrets of making a tasty but healthy chocolate crème. We will also learn how to make healthy and delicious snacks which we can give to children as a healthy alternative.

What Makes Raw Food Healthy?

The premise behind eating raw is that the food is not heated more than 118°F, which is said to preserve enzymes and nutrients. When foods are cooked, nutrients are often destroyed in the process, and in many cases toxic cooking by-products, like cancer-causing acrylamide, are produced.

One of the greatest claims to fame of raw food is its enzyme content. Your body does produce some enzymes on its own, but it can also benefit from consuming them through your diet. It’s thought that a long-term diet of solely cooked foods puts a heavy burden on your digestive organs, especially your pancreas, which must produce all the enzymes needed to break down your food. By consuming raw, enzyme-rich foods, you help your body to “predigest” the food and supply some of the enzymes necessary for proper digestion, giving your body a break.

There’s also the issue of nutrient content. Generally speaking, foods that are raw (or only minimally heated) will have more of their nutrients intact, and offer greater nutritional value to your body. For instance, one study found that cooking kale resulted in a loss of about 89% of the vegetable’s vitamin C content and 56% of its polyphenols. The researchers noted:

The cooking process of kale resulted in a lowering of the antioxidant activity of its antioxidants, especially of vitamin C, polyphenols and to a lesser extent of ß-carotene. This confirms that vegetables should be eaten in raw form or undergo little processing before consumption, for example blanching.

If you would like to know more about the Living Food Program or any of its classes/workshops/talks then call the clinic on 085-2157479 or e-mail info@themasterherbalist.ie