Your eyes are not just the “windows to your soul” but also the “mirror of your body” as they contain a wealth of information about your health and organ function. The iris of your eyes  (the coloured parts) are totally individual and can give important insight into the overall health status, constitutional tendencies and metabolic status of a person.

iridologyThe iris fibre formation, colour and any signs and markings are assessed using the latest iridology charts and maps. Every organ and tissue of the body is connected to the iris by a vast number of nerve fibres. As with reflexology, where the feet or hands are used to influence other areas or organs in the body, with iridology signs and marks relating to certain organs in the body are displayed in the iris through reflex association.

An experienced iridologist can read and interpret those. Iridology will not tell you that you have any particular disease or will in the future but it will inform the iridologist what areas or organs may need support or which organs may have lower tolerance to stress. Thus it is ideal to use as preventative tool and can be very valuable in developing a tailor-made treatment plan for an individual to help support their health into the future. It is a non-invasive diagnostic tool which can be used to suggest a particular diet and healing regime for each individual patient.

Iridology is the most useful tool for identifying and assessing a person’s constitution. Our constitution is our inherent physical and emotional make-up and iridology tells us what types of physical and emotional issues we maybe prone to over the course of our lifetime.

In brief, Iridology can tell us:

  • A person’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, including what organs and systems might be prone to have health issues if they are stressed or overloaded due to poor diet and lifestyle.
  • A person’s inherent constitutional strength.
  • Basic inherent personality and emotional tendencies.
  • Pupil tonus is an indicator of nervous system function.

Iridology cannot tell us:

  • Any actual diseases the person has.
  • The current state of tissue structure or function.
  • The presence of infection or parasites.
  • How a person is supporting their health through diet, lifestyle habits and mental and emotional

Michael uses a specially designed Iridology camera which allows for detailed interpretation of all structures in the eye, so images can be taken and transferred to a computer for analysis.

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