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Herbal Medicine Consultation

1. Full In-depth Consultation… €50 (60-90 minutes) (Includes FREE follow-up consultation in approx. 4 weeks time)

The full consultation is a very extensive, in-depth and detailed process and can take from 60 to 90 minutes to complete, going through everything in detail and is suited to anyone suffering with chronic conditions. A full and detailed case is taken, including presenting symptoms, medical history & medications, family history, diet, lifestyle and any other issues the person may wish to discuss. An iridology profile picture is taken to help with the evaluation. After all the information is gathered, a detailed treatment plan, including herbal medicines, diet and nutrition, juice therapy, natural healing protocols, etc is discussed with the person. The focus is not just on treating the symptoms but on finding and treating the root cause as well.

If you have a current health issue, it is recommeded that you undertake a treatment plan for a minimumn of 3 months in order to have effective lasting results with monthly Follow-up’s during this period to assess your progress.

Follow-Up Consultation…

This entails a full review since the last visit to the clinic to monitor the person’s progress; how the person felt with the changes implemented and herbal medicine taken. What they found hard or easy, any positive or negative experiences or results. As a result of the information gathered the treatment plan and herbal medicines may be altered accordingly. A follow-up consultation is usually 4  weeks after the first consultation.


Herb Costs

Usually medical herbs are given on the first consultation and this may includes a Herbal Tincture, Herbal Powders and/or an Herbal Infusion as part of the treatment plan. Each herbal remedy is specifically blended for that individual person. As we are all different people, with different needs, so will our individual treatment protocols and herbal medicines be different. Overall the herbal medicines will usually cost between €10 to €15 per week depending on a person’s individual remedy.


Repeat Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

Repeat herbal medicine prescriptions can be ordered also.  You contact the clinic and talk to the herbalist, discuss any changes to medications, symptoms, etc and then call to the clinic to pick up your prescription of herbal medicines. There is NO charge for this mini consultation for a repeat prescription, you only pay for your herbal medicines. It is advised and recommended that a person have a follow-up consultation every 4 to 6 weeks. To order a repeat prescription call the clinic on 085-2157479

Because herbal consultations are generally only needed once every 4 to 6 weeks (as opposed to other therapies that often can be needed weekly) this makes herbal medicine a very affordable option.

For full details on how the Herbal Medicine Consultation works at the clinic visit this LINK

For consultation Phone 085-215 7479


Nutritional Consultation

Full Nutritional Analysis of Current Diet, Dietary Advice, Future Plan,Recipes,Handouts, etc… €50 (60 minutes)

What to expect during a Nutritional Consultation

During the session, the therapist will discuss with you in more detail your health and medical history and family medical history, as well as exploring your lifestyle and eating habits and your current symptoms and concerns and explore the goals you would like to achieve.

Based on your unique requirements, a protocol will be developed that suits your lifestyle and will allow you to achieve your health goals. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and some natural healing protocols. All suggestions will be discussed and agreed and a pan put in place.

Initial consultations last 60 minutes, and follow-up consultations (usually 4 weeks later) last 30 minutes.
You will be asked to do your best to follow the agreed recommendations on your plan between your two appointments, making the appropriate changes to your dietary habits, and be prepared to discuss your results at the follow-up appointment.

What You Get from a Consultation:

• A detailed analysis of your health history, nutritional status and lifestyle
• An dietary action plan to achieve your goals
• On-going phone support.
• A lifestyle action plan to support you as well, that suits your time, budget and circumstances
• Recipe ideas for meals and snacks to support your unique needs

We will also discuss the different elements of good nutrition including the difference between complex and refined carbohydrates, good fats and bad fats and the age old question “Where do I get my protein from?

We give advice and helpful tips on how to incorporate Juice Therapy, Sprouting, Super-food Therapy into your daily lifestyle. Vitalistic nutrition is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change for a healthier and happier longer life.

To learn more about Vitaltic Nutrition click on this LINK

For Consultation Phone 085-215 7479



Iridology Consultation, Dietary and Lifestyle Advice, Natural Healing Protocols and copy of Iris Photos… €45..(60 minutes)

Your eyes are not just the “windows to your soul” but also the “mirror of your body” as they contain a wealth of information about your health and organ function. The iris of your eyes (the coloured parts) are totally individual and can give important insight into the overall health status, constitutional tendencies and metabolic status of a person.

In brief, Iridology can tell us:


  • A person’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, including what organs and systems might be prone to have health issues if they are stressed or overloaded due to poor diet and lifestyle.
  • A person’s inherent constitutional strength.
  • Basic inherent personality and emotional tendencies.
  • Pupil tonus is an indicator of nervous system function.


To learn more about the benefits of Iridolgy click on this LINK

For Consultation Phone 085-215 7479

Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance Testing

This test includes taking a sample of blood and sending it to a laboratory for analysis, Nutritional Consultation, Discussion of the Report, Nutritional Advice and a Food Plan, Advice & Recipes for the future.

Test Available: 100 FOOD TEST €235

For more information on Food Intolerance Testing at the clinic visit this LINK
For Consultation Phone 085-215 7479

Massage Therapy (Deep Tissue)


  • Neck and Shoulder Massage… €25 (30 min)
  • Legs (front & back)… €25 (30 min)
  • Back (lower & upper) & Arms… €25 (30 min)
  • Any two of the above… €45 (1 hour).
  • Block Booking Of 5 Sessions….€99
  • Pre & Post Event Sports Massage Also Available

In 2002 Michael qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist from the Limerick School of Massage Therapy and has worked with many county and club teams both in hurling and football in the past, as well as in private practice. He is also ITEC accredited in Massage Therapy.

For more information on Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage Click on this LINK
For Massage Therapy Phone 085-215 7479

Living Food Classes

living-food-lessonLiving Food Classes will take place at different times during the year and will be announced here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Living Foods/ Raw Food

This is a series of classes/workshops/talks that are delivered by a qualified Living Food Instructor which will delve into all aspects of creating and eating various delicious dishes based on raw living foods and it’s benefits, including better health and weight loss. Each class will be in small groups so as to maximise the benefit to the participants and will focus on different aspects of a raw food diet. There will be plenty of raw foods and drinks to taste during the course of each class, so come hungry… you won’t be disappointed!

What Do We Mean By Living Foods?

We all eat raw foods in fruits and salads, but the aims of theses class are to push those bounderies even further by incorporating even more healthy raw living foods into your diet. Living Foods are foods which are uncooked and eaten while they are as near to their wholesome state as possible. This kind of nutritional focus is optimum for healing and many phenomenal health results are being achieved through dietary change and live enzyme nutrition. The classes will focus on such topics like Wheatgrass, Using Nuts, Legumes, Seeds & Grains in your Diet, Sea Vegetables, Fermented Foods, Juice Therapy, Sprouting, Healthy Smoothies for Children, Enzyme Nutrition, Superfoods, Supergreens and much more.

To see when our next class is Click HERE

To book a place or to find out more information when the next class will be phone 085-215 7479

Homocysteine Testing

This is a simple blood test to check your homocysteine blood levels. You make an appointment to have you blood taken by a simple finger blood prick. Your blood sample is sent to the lab for analysis, and the results sent back to the clinic in about 10 days. Once we get the results, you are called back to the clinic for a consultation in which your results are discussed and if necessary a treatment plan put in place with dietary and lifestyle recommendations

Cost for the full service of test plus consultation and recommendations……..€175

For more information on the Homocysteine Test click on this LINK

To book a test phone the clinic on 085-2157479

To make an appointment for a consultation phone the clinic on 085-2157479 or e-mail