Spicy Apple Cider

Spicy Apple Cider

Simple to make great warm drink for spicing and warming up during the cold spell !!


8 oz boiled water – or fresh apple juice (warmed not hot)
2 table spoons of raw apple cider vinegar
A little agave
1 star anise
pinch of nutmeg
teaspoon of ground cinnamon


Let your water cool a little, we don’t want to kill the goodies, then make as you would tea –
add your ACV to the water – add the spices and let brew for a few minutes and enjoy.

If using apple juice, please only use fresh, not from a carton, warm gently & add other ingredients.

Other options – you can add other spices like cloves, ginger or a prepared mixed spice. Play to find the taste you like. This is a very comforting, warming drink for when you feel the chills …. Brrrr…..