Skin Brushing

Skin Brushing


Your skin is a major elimination organ and it’s care is often over looked. Restrictive clothing and antiperspirants often negatively affect your skins ability to do its job correctly. Skin brushing stimulates the skin to work more effectively by exfoliating the skin and by stimulating the lymph and blood capillaries that are close to its surface. By helping the skin to be more efficient in elimination of toxins it reduces stress on the kidneys. After skin brushing your skin will have a healthy glow to it and you may experience a pleasant tingling sensation. Skin brushing is great to stimulate a sluggish lymph system and help with lymph drainage.


1. What you will need: A natural bristle brush (preferable one with a long handle so you can reach your back), or if you have very sensitive skin a small rough towel rolled up will do.
2. Ideally before bathing lightly brush the surface of your skin starting at the outer extremities, brushing in small circular motions towards the direction of your heart.
3. Start at your feet and work up the body towards the heart, then start at your head and work down towards the heart.
4. Always brush in the direction of your heart.


Do not brush acne or any broken skin.
Do not brush over any weeping skin.
Do not brush over any raised moles but around them.

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