Recommended Websites

The Irish School of Herbal Medicine

Irish-School-herbal-medThe Irish School of Herbal Medicine was founded in 2000. Their mission statement is to provide quality professional training in herbal medicine. The School’s ethos focuses on the use of organic, plant based and living food programmes, herbal medicines, and environmental and lifestyle awareness.

The Irish Institute of Iridologists

iridologyThe governing body for certified Iridologists in Ireland. The Irish Institute of Iridologists is a non profit organisation designed to maintain high standards in the practice of Iridology in Ireland.

Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists (IAMMH)

iammhThe Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists was founded to represent the practice of Western Herbalism in Ireland. The Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists is affiliated to the European Herbal Traditional Practitioners Association (EHTPA), which represents herbal practitioners of all traditions throughout Europe.


twigitTwigit is the social network for alternative living. They propose a Vitalistic, as opposed to a Mechanistic world view. Their solutions for the survival of the microcosmic self and the macrocosmic planet are holistic, plant based and sustainable. Join your favourite groups now !!

Herbal Legacy

herbalLegacyOn Dr Christopher’s Herbal Legacy you will find a great deal of information on all of Dr Christopher’s Formulas, Cleansing Programs, Recipes to ensure your good health, and various writings by him. This site is intended to educate people in the correct usage of herbs and nutrition.

Hippocrates Health Institute

hippocratesThe goal of the Institute is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and to help them internalize and actualize an existence free from premature aging, disease and needless pain.

Gerson Institute

gersonThe Gerson Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.

The Servant Of Love

servantsofloveFounded in Ireland over 35 years ago, The Servants of Love is a community of women and men whose lives are dedicated to bringing health, balance, spirituality and love into the world.

Irish Seed Savers

seedsaversIrish Seed Savers Association exists as a living testimony to the richness and wealth of the agricultural legacy of our ancestors. Irish Seed Savers Association was founded by Anita Hayes in 1991. The work was initially done on a small farm in Co. Carlow before moving to Capparoe, Scarriff in 1996. Today we have 20 dedicated staff under the direction of Lisa Duncan, around 600 heirloom vegetable varieties; 48 heirloom grain varieties; 140 native apple varieties and an heirloom potato collection.

The Burren Perfumery

burrenperfumeryAt the Burren Perfumery they have been making perfumes for over 40 years. Inspired by, and based on, the flora and landscape of the Burren, the perfumes do not use plants picked in the Burren’s protected environment. The plant essences used are grown for them across the world. Their perfumes are all hand blended and bottled on the premises in the same traditional way as they have been since the Perfumery was founded.

Wild Irish Sea Veg

irishseavegWild Irish Sea Veg offers edible seaweed sustainably hand harvested, air and sun dried and hand packaged to ensure only the best quality seaweed reaches you. Their range of edible seaweed covers Dillisk, Carrageen (Irish moss), Kombu, Sugar Kelp, Atlantic Wakame (Alaria), Nori (laver), Bladderwrack, Sea Spaghetti and Spirulina. They also offer Fucus serratus bath.