Need An Energy Boost?

Energy Boosting !!

Feeling tired all the time? Low energy? Fatigue?

With the constant face pace of life these days it’s no wonder sometimes it sometimes feels we are running on “empty”.

So is there anything we can do about it?

Poor nutrition is a good example of something that will induce fatigue in an individual. Working too hard can strain one both, physically and mentally and is a primary cause of fatigue and exhaustion in the modern world. Too little or too much exercise and other physically strenuous activity are also a major contributor to fatigue. Other problems often associated with fatigue and exhaustion are problems such as insomnia and poor sleeping habits at night.

Many forms of medical disorders such as premenstrual syndrome can also give rise to fatigue in an individual. The difference between simply being tired and fatigue is that fatigue is a persistent and recurring loss of energy and initiative felt by the individual over a period of time, it is also generalized in its effects on the person concerned and robs them of much needed energy. The exhaustion and hopelessness felt during fatigue can be overwhelming and oppressive.

Low energy can be a result of adrenal exhaustion, low thyroid, depression, liver congestion, poor digestion & assimilation of nutrients, low grade infection or blood sugar issues. Underlying psychological factors such as the presence of stress, emotional anxiety and conditions like depression play an important and major role in the cause of fatigue in the vast majority of people.

In addition to these psychological factors, metabolic disorders such as a lowered immune system function and chronic or recurring infections can also sap the energy of the person and induce deep and persistent fatigue in them. This is the reason that the symptoms of fatigue are observed and always appears accompanying disorders such as diabetes, impaired thyroid glands or malfunctioning adrenal gland or imbalances, these diseases can cause extreme exhaustion and fatigue in the individual.

If you have constant low energy, you need to seek professional help in identifying and correcting the underlying cause of your problem.

Herbal And Dietary Support

Depending on the underlying factors causing your lack of energy, herbal and dietary changes can have a major impact on restoring your energy levels. It is advisable to begin the supplementation utilizing the two ginsengs along with the vitamins. Slowing including the essential mineral magnesium, the essential amino acids, and the oil of the flaxseed if the fatigue shows no sign of abating or fading slowly.

Both the nervous system and the immune system are bolstered and supported by the supplements of the B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are essential factors in inducing proper replication of red blood cells, their most important role however is in their ability to boost the effectiveness of the white blood cells, these fight bacteria and viruses and prevent infection of the body by foreign pathogens. Because of its ability to support the functioning of the adrenal glands, the vitamin C is a very important additional supplement, since the adrenals control stress hormones, which play important parts in the psychological state of the person. The vitamin C additionally promotes immune function, and aids in recovery and repair of tissues and damaged cellular structures.

The bolstering of the energy levels of the body is the major reason the use of ginseng is so popular nowadays; it is a great energizer. To induce energy Asians have traditionally made use of Panax ginseng. Fatigue is also effectively warded off by the use of the Siberian ginseng, which is known to contain anti fatigue compounds. Some people in addition are affected by fatigue due to the mild deficiency of the mineral magnesium in their bodies; including supplements of this vital mineral in the diet of the person can easily rectify this.

Any deficiency can quickly be corrected through the supplementation of magnesium during a two-month treatment regimen. Low levels of the essential amino acids may also contribute to fatigue in some cases, as every cell in the body requires a mixture of amino acids to synthesize its own proteins. The oils of the flaxseed is rich inessential fatty acids, substances that boost immune system performance and are major components of the cellular membranes, supplementation should also include some of this oil.

The Master Herbalist’s Energy Boosting Tonic

This formula is used in the clinic for overcoming fatigue, enhancing energy, endurance and stamina and aiding mental clarity. It relies on a variety of classifications of herbs including adaptogens, immune enhancing, nourishing, circulatory and stimulating herbs. The key herbs in this energy boosting formula included the Ginsengs, Skullcap, Astragulus, Marshmallow, Gota Kola, Yellow Dock, Licorice, Oats and Cayenne.

Energy Boosting Tonic

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