Low Cost Herbal Consultations

Low Cost Herbal Consultations

Low Cost Herbal Consultations

For the months of January & February we are introducing LOW-COST HERBAL CONSULTATIONS.

The normal price for a Herbal Medicine Consulation (including Diet & Nutrition Assesment) is €50 for a 60-90 minutes consultation but for these 2 months we are reducing this price down to €30. Thats a huge saving of €20.

Book today (085-2157479) for a high-quality, low-cost consultation with The Master Herbalist Clinic. This €30 consultation includes a 1-2-1 herbal consultation with a fully qualified medical herbalist. At the consultation we will discuss your health in detail, including your present condition and presenting symptoms, your own past medical history and your family medical history, and any conventional drugs, past and present, and supplements you are taking. Your life-style, stress and emotions are taken into account. You current Diet & Nutrition is assesed. This enables the herbalist to get a complete holistic view of your present situation and to assess how any of these things may be impacting on your current state of health. Because herbal medicine takes a holistic approach, it allows the herbalist to know more about you as an individual.

In developing a treatment plan, it allows the herbalist to choose herbs and natural healing protocols that treat the person as a whole and not just the presenting symptoms. This consultation may last from 60 to 90 minutes. At the end of the consultation, depending on the issues that arise, certain recommendation may be made regarding diet, lifestyle, etc. Individual herbal remedies maybe made up unique to your circumstances and symptoms.

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To Book a LOW COST CONSULTATION phone the clinic on 085-2157479