Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

In holistic medicine we aim to treat the body as a whole, to find and treat the cause not just the mere symptoms. There are 4 branches of healing: Medicine (herbs, diet), Body Work (massage, yoga), Psychotherapy (counselling, psychology) and Spiritual Integration (meditation, prayer). Ultimately healing comes from within and is inherent to been alive!!

Holistic Medicine addresses the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of those who come for care; it emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of tailoring treatment to meet each person’s needs. The promotion of health and the prevention of illness and disease are priorities and the responsibility of each individual for his or her own health is stressed.

Holistic Medicine uses a wide range of therapeutic approaches that mobilize the person’s innate capacity for self-healing. It emphasis is on understanding and self-help, on education and self-care.

Herbal Medicine has much to contribute to the development of holistic health care. The use of herbs for healing brings us immediately in touch with our world in a profoundly deep and uplifting way. Herbal Medicine, while being a valid and effective healing tool can also be part of a personal and social transformation.
Herbal Medicine views illness as an inner disturbance of a person’s vital force. No organ or cell is independent of the activities of the others in the body, but the health of each is merged into the health of the whole body. The unit of human life is not the single organ or cell but the whole person.

In Herbal Medicine we look at the person’s symptoms, diet, personality, emotional life, family history and lifestyle and a treatment protocol will be developed related to the healing process of person’s body, mind and spirit helping them on the road better health.

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