Detoxification is an essential part of an Herbal Medicine treatment and for maintaining optimum health.

What is detox?
Detoxing is the buzzword for freeing the body of toxins and acids and purifying yourself. A detox diet supports the natural function of the internal organs, particularly the bowels, skin, lymphatic system, kidneys and the liver, so that the body can detox itself more efficiently than usual. As a result of our modern-day lifestyles, regular detoxing is highly recommended. Increased levels of stress, artificial food additives and the rising levels of environmental pollution are all factors that promote the build up of foreign and unusable metabolites in the body. This can lead to various symptoms such as increased tiredness.

If you want to detox, you need to avoid negative, acid-creating foods such as meat, fish, milk, cheese, white flour, sugar and alcohol for a long period of time. Replace these foods with natural, whole-food options. Sufficient sleep, visits to the sauna, detox baths and exercise also help rid your body of toxic substances. Increasing your liquid intake is also important to remove the metabolites from your body. In addition to filtered water, specific detoxing herbal teas can increase the cleansing process and will also help supply your body with essential nutrients.

The main route for toxins and waste to leave the body is through the colon therefore it’s important that this system is working correctly, herbal powders can be used to great effect for this issue. Constipation is often seen as the root cause of many diseases.

The liver, our main detoxification organ, is often under serve pressure by a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. Detoxifying it regularly gives our bodies a rest from this strain and allowing the body to work on healing itself. This can be done continually through herbs, diet and by juice fasting.

The lymphatic system also can become sluggish leading to swollen glands and often needs stimulation and detoxing.

The kidneys filter our blood and need some gentle detoxing to remove any sediment that may build up leading to kidney stones.

Our skin is our largest elimination organ and often breakout erupt on it when other elimination organs maybe working properly or become over worked so constant care is always needed.

A detoxification plan is tailored to the individual and particular conditions and often involves herbal remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes.

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