Clean Eating Nutrition Course – Galway

Clean Eating Nutrition Course – Galway

Clean Eating Nutrition Course Galway

(6 Weeks – 3 Hours per Night)

Plenty of simple but delicious healthy recipes to be make & taste each night !!

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Anne Wigmore

This is an unique 6 week nutritional course (3 hours duration each class per week for 6 consecutive weeks on Monday evenings) and it is an excellent blend of practical work (making and tasting various healthy & delicious mainly raw food recipes and home-make Herbal remedies) and food educational theory & knowledge based around the do’s & don’t of good food education and nutrition, and knowledge in the area of clean eating nutrition and healthy eating and living

This course is similiar to our  fully booked out course currently running in Ennis

The course is designed to make clean eating nutrition & eating raw foods enjoyable and easier to incorporate into a person’s daily life as much as possible while on the other hand identifying foods that are harmful to our heath. Eingredients1ach module will cover helpful hints, tips and advice on how to eat healthier, how to shop healthier, how to read and understand food labels, how to make and prepare delicious healthy raw foods easily and quickly. The uniqueness of the course is that it will incorporate a mix of educational advice, knowledge & tips on good whole foods and nutrition and then the practical side of making some delicious and healthy raw food dishes.venue

During the 6 week course some of the topics covered in the modules will be: Clean Eating Nutrition, Raw Foods, Wheatgrass, Using nuts/Legumes/Seeds & Grains in your Diet, Sea Vegetables, Fermented Foods, Juice Therapy, Education on Food & Nutrition, Detoxing Safely, Sprouting, Healthy Smoothies for Children, Weight Loss, Enzyme Nutrition, Superfoods, Supergreens, The Alkalizing Diet & Cancer, Our Mood & Foods, Healing The Gut, Herbal Medicine Making, Stress, Diet and Your Health……………… and much much more…………..

**As part of the course each person will also carry out a nutritional and anti-oxidant assessment to determine if they have any nutritional deficiencies

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is suitable for anyone with an interest in food, nutrition, health and wellness of themselves and their family or someone who wants to kick-start a healthy lifestyle or as a sustainable weight-loss program or for the first steps of a detoxing program. In this course you will learn more about how you can use Raw Foods, Clean Eating Nutrition and some Simple Herbal Remedies & Tonics properly to promote better health for you and your family and learn about using food not just for good nutrition but for illness prevention as well. The course is designed to empower a person to give them the right tools and knowledge to make better food choices.

What will be covered on the course?living-food-lesson

Each week will be intensive and we will cover a wide variety of topics with an interesting blend of:

Food Theory Education: Around the Philosophy & Principals of Good Nutrition & Health (There is no point doing something unless you know why you are doing it & its benefits- knowledge is empowerment!!)
Practical Work-Making: Making Raw Food Recipes & Herbal Remedies and Tonics (You will learn to make a wide variety raw food dishes and some simple herbal remedies & tonics)

Just some of the topics covered in the different modules:

Raw Food Essentials & Equipment
Detoxing your food presses & re-stock with the essentials for healthy living
Learn the ins and outs of macro & micro nutrients, minerals & vitamins, etc.
Get the skinny on good fats V bad fats
Complex carbs V refined carbs
Importance of fibre; soluble and insoluble.
Numerous delicious Raw Food Recipes
How to Make your own Herbal Remedies & Tonics
Good nutrition on the go for a busy lifestyle
Juice Therapy, Sprouting, Wholefoods, Superfoods, and Health Smoothies for kids
Best plant sources of vitamins, minerals and proteins
Natural Healing Protocols for better health
C.R.A.P. foods and how to identify them and avoid them
Detoxing your body & organs safely
Nourishing & strengthening your body with proper wholefood nutrition
The importance of Enzyme Nutrition
Sugars V Natural Sweeteners
Learn about alkalising your diet & how to test your own pH levels
Learn how to make your own infused flavoured vitamin/mineral waters
Souping – The new health craze !!
Proper Food Combining
Tips for eating Raw Food in an Irish climate.
Learn about the link between your genes, food, the environment and health.
How to naturally boost your immune system
How Stress damages your health
The dangers of free-radicals and the importance of anti-oxidants in your food
Why Probiotics and pre-biotics
Nature’s Pharmacy: Phytochemicals & Polyphenols

natural-whole-foodsAim Of This Course

It is our goal that you come away from this course with the all the tools and knowledge necessary so that you have acquired the confidence, the knowledge, the self-power, and experience necessary to empower yourself to start your own ‘health-food’ journey on a road to better health and nutrition for you and your family that will stand to you for many years to come.

About Michael:

The course will be delivered by a Fully Qualified Medical Herbalist, Raw Food Coach & Nutritionist, Michael Roughan. Michael runs his own busy medical herbal medicine clinic in Ennis and he also delivers many differant popular classes/courses/workshops in all aspects of Herbal Medicine Making and Rawfood through out the Mid-West region. To deliver a high quality course which allows people to get the maximum benefit from this course, the numbers allowed will be limited to just 16 places which will be given  on a first come bases.

Payment Details:

The full cost of this 6 week course including all information, materials, hand-outs, over 40 recipes to taste, food ingredients, herbs and herbal remedies used, natural healing protocols, Individual Nutritional assessment, Individual Anti-oxidant assessment, booklets & manuals and constant on-going support during the course is just €199 all inclusive.me_workshop

“Make An Investment In Your Health Today”

This course will be run at SCCUL Enterprise Centre, Castlepark Road, Ballybane, Galway. Contact Michael for enquires 085-2157479.

Terms: Full payment in advance online by paypal.

Payments are only refundable up to 7 days prior to the first class date, after which payments become non-refundable, but are transferable to another named person.

**Minimum number of 10 required to run class**

Dates For Next Course:

Date for the first module is Monday 6th March 2017 from 6.30 – 9.30pm and for every Monday after that for 6 weeks. (3 Hours per night)

What satisfied people have said about our courses and classes in the past:

“Week 5 of 6 tomorrow (Saturday) in Ennis on Raw Food and Nutritional course. Lots of great information and lots of sampling from food prepared on the day. A “must do” for those interested in healthy foods. Practical and easy to prepare recipes. Thanks so much Michael.” Annette, Galway.

“Raw food class was great value and packed full of good tips and lovely recipes that we got to sample. Highly recommend it. Looking forward to the next one!”Cathy, Clare.

“Great class, learned lots, some great recipes and very useful tips.. Trying the new recipes out on all the family and so they are impressed….”Marcella, Clare.

“Went to Michael’s living food class it was so good very informative highly recommend !!” Marie, Ennis.

“Attended the Living food class tonite, very interesting and very tasty would highly recommend it. Thanks Michael!!” Nollaig, Clare.

“Highly recommend Michael, The Master Herbalist, very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable” Karen, Ennis.