Case Study 6 – Will – Stomach Upset & Feeling Lethargic

One job in which you have to be on top of your game in the morning is a current affairs presenter on radio.

Will, presenter of the popular Midlands Today show on Midlands 103, provides three hours of current affairs and topical issues on the station which covers counties Offaly, Westmeath and Laois. Added to that task he is the station manager.

For over a year Will (31) was finding himself more and more lethargic in the morning. Will said: “I definitely was more lethargic in the morning and I was suffering from stomach upsets for over a year. It does affect your mood although that would not be noticeable when you are broadcaster.”

“I went to the doctor and I was effectively told to eat more fibre as I was suffering from irritable bowel. I think because of that condition it effected my energy levels.”

“In July I opted for Lorisian’s parent company YorkTest’ food intolerance screening and I would have been given the results towards the end of the month or early August. That revealed that I was intolerant to cow’s milk, cashew nuts and egg yolk with mild intolerance to wheat and yeast. Cashew nuts would not have played much of a role in my diet but milk and eggs certainly did and I decided to give it a go.”

Will admits he was very skeptical of such tests. “I would have been very skeptical and would have treated something such as this as gimmicky and a fad.”
However, he decided to stop eating eggs and using cow’s milk, opting instead for soya. “My tummy is much better now and I have much more energy levels. This is much more than a placebo effect and I am definitely much more active and my problems have eased dramatically.”

He stuck to the main requirements of the diet although he admits giving up beer (yeast) was a step too far. But he could feel the improvements. Recently he travelled on holidays to Tunisia where, because there was no replacement for cow’s milk, he returned to using it.

“My stomach did not feel that great after coming back from Tunisia and it could have been the local food but I would think it was because I was back using cow’s milk when on holidays. I am back avoiding milk, eggs and cashew nuts and I can feel the improvement once again.”

“Despite my initial skepticism I don’t believe you can argue with the results. My wife Alix has noticed the changes in me.”

If you would like to find out more about the Lorisian Food Intolerance test then contact the clinic on 085-2157479