Case Study 5 – John – Well Being & Weight Loss

Well Being and Weight Loss

Recently John completed a 10k jog. In doing so he turned the clock back over 20 years. It is a journey he is very proud of and one he is happy to share with his colleagues telling a story of returning to good health and weight loss

Long days, late nights and rushed meals do not provide a great backdrop to a healthy lifestyle. The Labour Senator, who was first elected to the Seanad in 2011, found to his cost that the hectic life of a public representative was impacting negatively on his wellbeing and his girth.

In his younger days John, who is a representative from Cork, was a keen sportsman, particularly soccer. “A cruciate ligament injury in my late 20s put paid to my amateur soccer career.”

After being elected to the Seanad, he has immersed himself in the workings of the Oireachtas and his role as a local representative in Cork. But he knew he was neglecting one vital area of his life.

John said: “I knew I needed to lose weight and to change. Last July I weighed in at almost 16 stone, 15 stone 12 lbs to be more precise, and I am only 5’ 9” in height. But you need something to kick start change and it was attending the Lorisian’s parent company YorkTest screening in Dublin in July which provided that opportunity.”

John bumped into fellow Labour Senator John W., who had volunteered for the food intolerance test – carried out in association with Arthritis Ireland and decided to tag along.

He received his Laboratory analysed results on 8th July. It revealed that he had intolerances to eggs, wheat and dairy products. One week later, after speaking with the tests’ nutritional therapist, he decided to introduce the dietary changes. This involved eating much more fruit, rice, noodles and meat.

“Up to that point I did not have the incentive or the starting point to kick start a change in my lifestyle. But I am fairly determined and single minded and, if I put my mind into something, I will stick at it.”

The results were staggering. John lost a half a stone in the first fortnight and since then he has lost over two stone. “I cannot believe how well I feel. I feel fantastic. Within a month I was down to 15 stone”.

He has cut bread out of his diet, although not totally. “I am not a zealot and I have been known to eat the odd sandwich, but I have stuck fairly well to the advice provided by the tests’ nutritional therapist. The one thing I miss is tea as I simply can’t drink black tea.”

If you would like to find out more about the Lorisian Food Intolerance test then contact the clinic on 085-2157479