Case Study 4 – Emma – Bloating & Tiredness

Bloating and Tiredness

Emma, a legal secretary in Dublin dropped 5 dress sizes from a 16 to an 8 and experienced remarkable health benefits from taking YorkTest’s food intolerance test. She suffered years from bloating and tiredness.

Emma suffered from acne, bloating, tiredness and extreme constipation and despite being a regular gym user Emma found herself putting on weight. “I’d tried lots of diets but all they did was make me feel ill and pile on the pounds. The health aspect was something I had been seeing my doctor about because I’d not felt well for maybe eight years ever since I moved to Dublin in 2000.

My doctor put me on tablets and sent me for tests suggesting my condition was IBS. At its worst I suffered from bloating to the extent where people would give up their seat for me on the bus because they thought I was pregnant. The constipation was very unpleasant for me because I would go weeks, sometimes a month, before I could go, and you can imagine what was going through my mind as the pain increased.

I was also becoming increasingly tired and my face was covered in terrible acne. The spots on my forehead were really sore to touch and none of the creams ever helped. It also did nothing for my self-confidence and nights out were an ever-decreasing rarity. Nothing really worked until my mum put me on to a food intolerance test by Lorisian’s parent company YorkTest.

As the test I took was a blood test I thought it would be more accurate because it sounded more scientific so I gave it a go and what a decision that was. When the results came back I had to cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and yeast and it was tough. The difference though has been amazing. The acne and stomach pain have all cleared up but most amazing is the weight: I have lost 4 stone and gone from a dress size 16 to an 8. The only problem I have now is my wardrobe. I had to buy a new dress recently when I went to Amsterdam and I measured a size 8.

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