Case Study 3 – Siobhan –Eczema


For most people Eczema simply means dry, irritable and itchy skin. It’s a condition that is often unsightly for the most part, easily remedied. Blighted by the condition for 12 years, Siobhan from Co. Meath became debilitated by the disease as even lifting her infant children in her arms became a struggle because of her cracked and bleeding skin.

Despondent from a lack of answers and thousands of Euros spent on consultation fees and medicines, no one could have imagined that a simple food intolerance was behind Siobhan’s devastating skin disorder.

Talking about her condition mum-of-two who first began to suffer from Eczema in her early 20s – tells how it wasn’t until she gave birth that eczema truly began to ravage her body. “After I had my kids the eczema flared up intensely. It covered my body, and it wasn’t just dry, itchy patches – it was nasty bleeding and cracked skin” she explains. “It spread to my hands, arms, legs, tummy and my shoulders. It drained me emotionally because I was constantly in so much pain, I couldn’t even sleep”.

The pain was so excruciating that Siobhan says she struggled to cope with the everyday tasks of motherhood. “When the kids were babies I was at home on my own minding them, so I found it hard to do simple things like dressing and bathing them, making bottles and picking them up. Even bending my hands made them bleed.” Siobhan’s confidence also suffered a blow. “I couldn’t wear short-sleeved tops in the summer, or dresses that showed off my arms, so shopping became a nightmare.”
Siobhan became increasingly tired and frustrated. “The doctors could never tell me what was causing the Eczema. All they did was fill me out a prescription after prescription, but my skin had become so immune to the creams and tablets that they simply stopped working.”

Finally, Siobhan found herself contacting YorkTest, Lorisian’s parent company and Europe’s leading food intolerance testing specialists. “They sent me out a pin-prick blood sample kit to test for food intolerance and all I had to do was take the test and send it back. I got the results back really quickly, with a list of foods that I had to give up. Within three or four days of not eating those foods I could see my skin healing. It was incredible.”

After suffering for 12 painful years, within weeks of learning what foods she was intolerant to, Siobhan began to look and feel like a different person. “You would never know in a million years that my skin was once destroyed by Eczema. It truly is amazing. I can honestly say that my life has changed completely.

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