Case Study 2 – Paula Radcliffe’s, Olympian, Story

Case Study 2 – Paula Radcliffe’s, Olympian, Story

How Food Intolerance can affect physical performance

Olympian and world marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe recently started to suffer from stomach cramps and fatigue that were so unbearable it was affecting her training.

She was recommended to use the Food intolerance testing service from Lorisian’s parent company, YorkTest Laboratories by friends and fellow athletes, the test helped her identify whether any of the foods she was eating were making her sick.
Her test came back informing her she was intolerant to egg, chicken, wheat, tomatoes and dairy.

“After I cut these foods out of my diet, I was able to run without doubling up in pain. I have a lot more energy and I am back to my normal self. It truly made such a difference to my life and I would recommend it to anyone else suffering from symptoms like these.”

As soon as Paula started to cut her trigger foods out of her diet she noticed a difference instantly and she was able to function normally again. Paula was able to continue training and her performance improved, going on to achieve the world record!

“I was back to my normal training regime in no time. The test made such a difference to my life because the test identified foods that my body had a bad reaction to and I was able to stop the symptoms before they reached the extreme level I experienced during the Athens Olympics.”

After some time on her new diet Paula took a retest to help her keep her health in check. Her results came back as a surprise as she learned that she was intolerant to blackcurrant, yeast, soya bean, gluten and chilli pepper. Paula was advised on how to best eliminate these foods from her diet without taking away their key health benefits.

“I was shocked that I could be intolerant to these foods as they are not the usual suspects, it made sense as I was drinking blackcurrant juice nearly every day, yeast and gluten was in virtually every meal and I included peppers in my food several times a week”

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