Case Study 1- Leila’s Story

Case Study 1- Leila’s Story

For as long as she could remember, Leila suffered with intense headaches, heartburn, acid reflux and struggled to lose weight.

“I couldn’t remember the last time that I felt completely healthy. Every single day was the same challenge: intense headaches, heartburn and acid reflux, usually after I had eaten, leaving me feeling frustrated and depressed. Whilst I maintained a healthy diet, I could never seem to rid myself of feeling ill. I lived with the symptoms for twenty years. After many consultations with my doctor and even an operation, I was still in the dark as to what was causing my misery. Painkillers seemed to dull the pain but I knew that they could never offer a long-term solution. I have always been healthy although I thought that weight loss would help to relieve the symptoms. Being a vocal coach means that I work crazy hours and so I hired a personal trainer to help me out but no-matter how hard I trained, I never seemed to be able to achieve my weight loss goals. I was still at the place where I started: feeling miserable and ill. My personal trainer was surprised at just how little weight I was losing even after a few months of training. He had put me on a holistic training and diet plan but even that didn’t help. All of my efforts seemed futile. It was at this point that he suggested I take a Lorisian food intolerance test”

Leila was shocked to discover that she was intolerant to a large number of foods, some that are widely viewed as ‘healthy’, including trout, beef and salmon.

“The results were incredible. I lost half a stone within the space of one week and the heartburn disappeared immediately. I no longer had to take painkillers on a daily basis, leaving me to get on with my life. I feel incredible since I took the Lorisian test although it was a struggle at first. I’ve managed to completely avoid all of my trigger foods. Lorisian has completely changed my life. I feel completely healthy the first time in 20 years and do not have to wake up worrying about the constant pain. I’m free to live my life and enjoy it. Eating has never been more enjoyable.”

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