Autumn 2016 List Of Upcoming Events

Autumn 2016 List Of Upcoming Events

The Master Herbalist

Autumn 2016 – Schedule Of Classes/Courses/Workshops

Advanced Notice Of Upcoming Events in Ennis & Limerick

We are busy putting the finishing touches to our Extensive Autumn 2016 Program of events. There is something for everybody !!

“Your Health Is Your Wealth”


If you are interested in healthy foods and healthy eating habits for better nutrition and better health and well-beginning then maybe one of these programs will be of interest to you or maybe someone you know.

The Autumn Program will include:

  • Stand Alone Workshops: Theses will workshops (2 ½ Hours Duration) based on specific topics such as Candida Overgrowth, Detoxing Safely, Clean Eating Nutrition, Cancer, Eating For A Healthy Heart, Gut Health, etc.. The workshops will be a good mix of educational theory about the topic and a practical side of making appropriate healthy dishes in line with the topic been discussed, to taste on the day.


  • Raw Food Mini-Series: This will be a series of short Rawfood Classes (2 hour duration) on specific topics. For example one class in the series will focus on Juicing, Smoothies, Souping & Nut-milks. Another class will focus on Desserts ( you don’t want to miss this one !), another on healthy breakfast ideas, and so on… The series can be books as a block of 6 where a discount will apply or each class can be booked individually if you can make all 6 classes in the series.

“You Can’t Buy Health, You Must Earn It Through Healthy Living & Eating”


  • ½-Day Raw Food Class: This is a 4 hour Rawfood class where we focus on making and tasting a wide variety of rawfood dishes. This is always a popular class !! We will delve into all aspects of creating and eating various delicious dishes based on raw living foods and it’s benefits, including better health and weight loss. Each class will be in small groups so as to maximise the benefit to the participants and will focus on different aspects of a raw food diet. There will be plenty of raw foods and drinks to taste during the course of each class, so come hungry… you won’t be disappointed!

Details Of The Next Half-Day Raw Food Class HERE



  • 4-Week Nutritional Program: Run over 4 weeks (4 days X 3 Hours = 12 hours in duration). This is an exciting 4-week course which can kick-start your journey towards learning all about the foods you eat, the nutritional quality of foods, the effect food has on your health and how it influences your genes and most importantly learn new steps you can take to improve your own health and the health of your family. It is our goal that you come away from this course with the all the tools necessary so that you have acquired the confidence, the knowledge, the self-power, and experience necessary to empower yourself to start your own ‘New-Beginnings’ journey. Each week will be intensive and we will cover a wide variety of topics with an interesting mix of:
  1. Educational Theory around the philosophy & principals of Nutrition & Health (There is no point doing something unless you know why you are doing it & its benefits- knowledge is empowerment!!)
  1. Practical work making ; tasting Raw Food Recipes & Herbal Remedies and Tonics (You will learn to make a wide variety raw food dishes and some simple herbal remedies & tonics

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine Be Thy Food”

  • Herbal Medicine Making Workshop: (3 Hour Duration) Interactive workshop making simple herbal remedies for everyday ailments that can be used safely by all the family.
Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine


The numbers in each class will be limited so to ensure the high quality of the class and to allow maximum discussion on all topics covered, so booking is essential.

All classes will be delivered by a fully qualified Medical Herbalist and Raw Food Coach.

You can also register your advanced interested in any of the classes by emailing or phoning 085-2157479 to be put on our reservations list.

Please share with any of your friends that might be interested in any of these courses.

As always there will be plenty to eat at all the classes and courses !!!!!!

Full Details Of Dates, Times, Prices Now Available HERE

What satisfied people have said about our courses and classes in the past:

“Week 5 of 6 tomorrow (Saturday) in Ennis on Raw Food and Nutritional course. Lots of great information and lots of sampling from food prepared on the day. A “must do” for those interested in healthy foods. Practical and easy to prepare recipes. Thanks so much Michael.” Annette, Galway.

“Raw food class was great value and packed full of good tips and lovely recipes that we got to sample. Highly recommend it. Looking forward to the next one!” Cathy, Clare.

“Great class, learned lots, some great recipes and very useful tips.. Trying the new recipes out on all the family and so they are impressed….” Marcella, Clare.

“Went to Michael’s living food class it was so good very informative highly recommend !!” Marie, Ennis.

“Attended the Living food class tonite, very interesting and very tasty would highly recommend it. Thanks Michael!!” Nollaig, Clare.

“Highly recommend Michael, The Master Herbalist, very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable” Karen, Ennis.