Michael Roughan

Michael Roughan, Master Herbalist MH Ir.

Michael Roughan, a Master Herbalist, is a graduate of the Irish School of Herbal Medicine. He graduated with a Licentiate to practice as a Medical Herbalist, as well as Diplomas in Nutrition and Iridology. Michael also undertook professional training to practice as a Living Food Instructor. In 2002 he qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist from the Limerick School of Massage Therapy and has worked with many county and club teams both in hurling and football in the past. He is well known in sporting circles in Co. Clare and was fortunate to be part of the historic Clare Football Panel in 1992 that won the Munster Championship. He now runs a busy medical herbalist clinic in Ennis Co. Clare.

Licentiate In Herbal Medicine

A herbalist with a Licentiate to practice as a Medical Herbalist, is someone that has trained in a professional school or institution for 4 years and has been awarded with a degree or Licentiate that shows that they are competent to practice as a Medical Herbalist. In addition they will also have complete 600 hours of clinical training; clinical training is by far the most important component of any professional training in medicine or natural healing. It allows the herbalist to experience the reality of working in a clinic and blending & dispensing individual herbal medicines for clients. In the course of study they will have covered many topics including diet, nutrition, pathology, materia medica, human sciences, mind-body paradigm, natural therapeutics, plant chemistry, herb classifications, anatomy & physiology and much more.

Home Grown

Michael has always has been passionate about plants and nature. Having grown up on a farm, many hours were spent in the garden sowing and harvesting vegetables and herbs for their own family use. The superior nutritional value of home grown was always instilled in him by his parents. Indeed many of his uncles and aunts had “green fingers” and spent most of their time in their gardens among the plants. They often commented on the therapeutic effect this had on them.


Consultation Room

Due to his playing career in which he picked up many injuries, Michael found as he got a bit older some of the aches and pains began to return. Rather than depend on long-term conventional medication, he decided to embark down the route of natural healing and explore it as a source for a natural cure. This lead him to begin studying for a Licentiate to practice as a Medical Herbalist.

Sustainable Wellness

Michael believes we are living in a time of extraordinary change & challenges. We urgently need solutions that enable us to live well & to make our wellness sustainable. The resurgence of interest in herbal medicine is no coincidence. This most ancient form of medicine offers genuine & powerful methods for helping us to thrive in the stress-filled present day.


Treatment Room

Michael is a member of the following professional bodies: the Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists (IAMMH), the Irish Institute of Iridologists and is ITEC accredited in Massage Therapy.

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If you would like to contact Michael about any health related issues you may do so by phoning 085-2157479 or email mike@themasterherbalist.ie to make an appointment for a consultation.