5 Week Personalised 1-2-1 ‘Reboot’ Program

5 Week Personalised 1-2-1 ‘Reboot’ Program

5 Week Personalised 1-2-1 ‘Reboot’ Program

Get the personalised support, guidance and tools you need to regain control over your health and eating habits with this 5 week 1-2-1 reboot program.

Program Benefits May Include:
• Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
• Improved sleep and energy
• Detoxing safely and naturally
• Having more vitality
• Natural healing protocols to help you along the way
• Reduced feelings of stress & anxiety
• Understand the role of food in your diet
• Learn to read food labels
• Learn to manage food cravings
• Create balanced, sustainable, healthy habits that last
• Learn about clean eating nutrition & raw foods
• Understand what is happening to your body during the 5 week program.
• Personalised plan just for you
• The ‘Healing Crisis’
• Raw Foods recipes
• Juicing, souping and healthy smoothie making guide

This program includes 5, 1-2-1 sessions with a medical herbalist, nutritionist and raw food coach.

Week 1: (90 mins)
Initial assessment which will include a full case history which will include an assessment of your current state of health, present diet, lifestyle, any current symptoms & medications, past illness & medication, family history, exercise levels, etc.

It will also include:
• An Iridology Assessment Reading: This is an non-invasive examination of your iris which allows me to identify any organs or systems that may be sluggish or have a weak nerve supply to and basically what may be causing an imbalance or sluggishness in your body.
• A Nutritional Deficiency Assessment: To identify possible nutrition deficiencies in your current diet
• An Anti-oxidant Assessment: Our ability to stay free of many diseases depends on the balance between our exposure to harmful free radicals and our intake of protective anti-oxidants.

At the end of this session after all the assessments are evaluated, an individualised tailored plan will be design for your particular needs and goals which with be agreed upon and put in place for the coming week and will include dietary changes, juice therapy, natural healing protocols, detoxification regimes (Herbal Bowels Cleanse), exercise, lifestyle changes, detox bath and new simple to prepare but healthy recipes and daily meal plans.

Week 2 (60 Mins)
Weekly Review Of The Past Week
The Principles Of Different Food Groups Essential For Good Health
Detoxing The Body Safely Without Starving It.
Juice Fasting (1 Day)
The Lymphatic System & Lymphatic Detox With Herbs & Natural Healing Protocols
Plan For The Coming Week Including New Recipes And Daily Meal Plans

Week 3 (60 Mins)
Weekly Review
Kidney Detox Regime Plus Supportive Herbal Kidney Tea
Juicing Fasting (1 Day)
The Problem With ‘Sugar’
The Secrets Of Souping For Maximum Nutrition
Plan For The Coming Week Including New Recipes And Daily Meal Plans

Week 4 (60 Mins)
Weekly Review
Liver Detox
3 Day Juice Fast Plus Herbal Nutritional Powder
Reading Food Labels
Cooked V Raw Foods
The Story About ‘Fats’
Individualised Plan For The Coming Week Including New Recipes And Daily Meal Plans

Week 5 (30-45mins)
Weekly Review
The Truth About ‘Carbs’
Mineral, Vitamins And Trace Elements
The Importance Of Fibre In Your Diet
Essential Element For Clean Eating
Planning For The Future Plus New Recipes.

The price includes: 1 consultation (90 Mins), 4 Consultations (60 Mins Each), all hand-outs, recipes, shopping lists, Iridology assessment, Nutritional Deficiency Assessment, Anti-oxidant Assessment, herbal detoxifying powders, Herbal detox teas, herbal nutritional powders, weekly meal plans and on-going advice & support through-out the 5 weeks program.

Easy Payment Plan:
€75 on First Visit And €25 x 4 Weeks After That.

To find out more about this ‘Reboot Program’ phone 085-2157479