Low Cost ConsultationsFor January & February
Low Cost ConsultationsFor January & February
Low Cost ConsultationsFor January & February
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At The Master Herbalist Clinic we provide 1-2-1 consultations with a professionally trained and fully qualified Medical Herbalist & Raw Food Instructor to discuss your individual health needs. We use Western Herbal Medicine, based on the Master Herbalist tradition,Raw Food Nutrition and Natural Healing Protocols to provide bespoke treatment for your individual health needs that is safe, gentle and effective.

“Professional Medical Herbal Treatments Which Is safe, Gentle & Effective Tailored To Your Individual Needs”

Herbal Medicine and Raw Food Nutrition are excellent approaches for supporting a naturally healthy life. They offer valuable support in helping you return to and maintain good health, as well as helping more broadly, such as with increased energy, relaxation and enjoyment of life.

Clients are treated by a qualified professional Medical Herbalist regulated by The Irish Association of Master and Medical Herbalists in Ireland. We provide herbal medicines and nutritional support for people of all ages and health levels. Herbal prescriptions and nutritional advice are individually tailored to each client’s unique needs.

“Your Health Is Your Wealth”

Our Medical Herbalist has been trained to be able to use herbal medicine safely alongside other forms of treatment, including conventional medicine.

• Herbal medicine draws on both modern science and a wealth of traditional knowledge of the safe and effective use of herbal remedies.

• Treatments are tailored to each individual from a wide range of herbs so as to give the best possible treatment and support. All the herbs are of the highest quality.

• Herbal medicine addresses health holistically and support is given with diet, lifestyle change and natural healing protocols.

• Herbal medicine is suitable for all ages and for most health conditions.

At Master Herbalist Clinic we are focused on providing high-quality service. We welcome customer feedback to constantly improve our clinic in order to deliver you the best service possible.

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For a Consultation phone the Clinic on 085-215 7479

** Below are links to more information on what the clinic has to offer & benefits of herbal Medicine **

Herbal Medicine

We offer 1-2-1 herbal consultations with a fully qualified medical herbalist. At the consultation we will discuss your health in detail, including your present condition and presenting symptoms, your own past medical history and your family medical history, and any conventional drugs, past and present, and supplements you are taking. Your life-style, stress and emotions are taken into account. You current diet is reviewed. This enables the herbalist to get a complete holistic view of your present situation and to assess how any of these things may be impacting on your current state of health. Because herbal medicine takes a holistic approach, it allows the herbalist to know more about you as an individual. To make an appointment phone 085-2157479

How Herbs Can Help

There are many reason why people choose Herbal Medicine – To get help in healing a health problem; To support or optimise wellness; For illness prevention; Because you have a preference for natural medicines; You have a complex chronic condition that requires a complex sustainable approach; You’ve tried other medical approaches and they haven’t been sufficiently effective; You need an extra support system on your side; You need a fresh perspective; You’ve seen the research or had a personal recommendation; You have heard the ancient call… If you would like to find out if Herbal Medicine might benefit you, contact the clinic 085-2157479

Detoxification Specialist

Detox is the hot topic at the moment and with good reason. If you regularly support your body’s natural cleaning process, you’ll feel more energetic and prevent many illnesses. Detoxification is an essential part of an Herbal Medicine treatment and for maintaining optimum health. A detoxification plan which is tailored to the individual particular needs and often involves detoxing herbal remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes and natural healing protocols. If you are thinking of detoxing your body naturally contact the clinic for more information on 085-2157479

Raw Food Classes/Courses

All our events are designed to make eating raw foods enjoyable and easier to incorporate into a person’s daily life. They cover helpful hints, tips and advice on how to eat healthier, how to shop healthier, how to make and prepare delicious healthy raw foods easily and quickly. The events incorporate a mix of educational advice on food and nutrition and the practical side of making raw food dishes.If you got a suitable premises available for food Workshops/Demos/Talks then we can travel to you. Suitable for Health Groups/Companies/Schools/ Sports Clubs/Clubs/Leisure Centers/Gyms, etc… All our events can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants. For our Latest Classes/Course check HERE  or phone 085-2157479

Food Intolerance Test

We offer 1 to 1 consultations for testing for food intolerance. Here in the clinic we use the Lorisian Food Intolerance Testing System. We chose this system because Lorisian has over 30 years’ experience, specialising in laboratory tests that measure food triggers (food-specific IgG antibodies). The results offer a fast track or starting point for an elimination diet. The tests are aimed at those that may have food intolerances, and those who want to optimise their diets by avoiding any foods that they may be reacting to. Our aim in the clinic is to promote wellbeing within the pressures of a modern lifestyle.Food intolerance can result in a range of complaints, from bloating & IBS to asthma & skin problems. Our food intolerance test finds the foods which are causing your problems! For more information phone 085-2157479

Clean Eating Nutrition

We understand that changing diet can be challenging.We offer 1-2-1 nutritional consultations to people who are concerned about their health and their diet. During the 1-2-1 consultation, the therapist will discuss with you in more detail your health and medical history and family medical history, as well as exploring your lifestyle and eating habits and your current symptoms and concerns and explore the goals you would like to achieve. Based on your unique requirements, a plan will be developed that suits your lifestyle and will allow you to achieve your health goals. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and some natural healing protocols. All suggestions will be discussed and agreed and a plan put in place. For more Information phone 085-2157479

Stress, Anxiety, Tension

Our lives are been transformed from different stresses from within and without us, painless changes at times and painful changes at other times. Nothing seems to have a solid foundation anymore, whether it is family relationships, the workplace, the national economy, or international politics. It can be a time of great stress for some people. Luckily in the clinic we use many herbs for stress. Herbs can have a benefit on the nervous system in a number of ways. Herbs which act on the nervous system are called Nervines and there are three types: Nervine Tonics, Nervine Relaxants and Nervine Stimulants. Which herbs that are used will depend on the persons personal circumstances. For more information phone the clinic 085-2157479

Digestive Problems

Poor digestion leads to the inability to properly break down foods into their usable nutrients. Symptoms may include pain, bloating, gas, cramping and/or heartburn. When poor digestion becomes chronic and severe it can lead to weight loss, an inability to develop muscle mass, wasting, pallor and fatigue. Luckily nature has provided us with many different herbs that can help, as well as changes to lifestyle and maybe stress management. In the clinic each case is different, so each treatment plan will be tailored to each persons needs. If you have digestive problems that maybe of concern to you phone the clinic on 085-2157479

Conditions That Respond To Herbs

Herbal Medicine can be used to help benefit almost any condition, either on its alone or with other forms of treatment. Herbal Medicine can assist the body in regaining health and in essence can help almost any condition because it is the individual that is being treated as a whole person, body and mind, not just the symptoms or the ‘label’ or the ‘illness’. The trained herbalist looks past the symptoms and tries to uncover the hidden underlying factors that may be causing the symptoms and illness. For more information contact the clinic 085-2157479

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